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How to Move the My Documents Folder

Why Move The My Documents Folder?

There are several reasons to move your My Documents, My Music, My Pictures and My Videos folders to another partition or different hard drive on your pc.

Apart from keeping your system drive tidy it also makes reinstalling Windows a lot easier if you ever have the need.

By far the best reason to keep your data off your system drive is the file system corruption that occurs when Windows has issues like malware or multiple bad shutdowns. I've seen many PCs with an unreadable C:\ drive, while the D:\ drive is functioning perfectly, even though it is a second partition on the same physical hard drive.

New location

By default Windows stores these user folders on the C:\users\your user name.

We are going to make a new folder on another partition to hold these files.

This tutorial assumes you already have a separate partition or second hard drive on your pc. If not see Partitioning Hard Drives.

Our target partition for this example is our D:\ drive, a second partition on our main hard drive. Your drive letter may be different.

Create a new folder on your second partition. Normally you would make the name the same as your username but you can call it anything.

This will become your home folder for all of your data.

Open the new folder and create another folder inside for your My Documents folder. In this example I'm calling it "docs".


Now go to C:\users\your username, right-click My Documents and select Properties.


Select Move.

Navigate to the folder you created earlier and click Select Folder.

Make sure the location is correct and select Apply.

Windows will ask if you wish to move all files? Select Yes.

Select okay

Now head to Documents and you'll see near the top "Includes: 2 Locations". Click the blue link.

You can see the default location is now on your second partition.






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