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Hair Straightener Teardown

Today we will tear down a faulty Jamella-brand hair straightener.

A Jamella hair straightener

The hinge for this appliance consists of a single, threaded brass pin with a screw on both sides.

The hinge assembly.

You never know when you may need one of these pins so this is our first score.

The brass pin from the hing assembly.

Removing the first inner cover revealed a small pcb with multiple screw connectors. This board has a nice switch, a LED and a metalized polymer film (MPF) capacitor. There's also a light-blue thermistor, shown just right of the switch.

Inside one arm of the hair straightener.

I am always on the lookout for switches, and thermistors are great for building basic temperature sensors.

The LED was faulty, leading me to believe this may have stopped the device in the first place. However, when I replaced it the unit buzzed angrily for a second then died again. I assume there is a more serious issue at play.

Here is the heating unit. It contains what appears to be a large ceramic resisor and a ceramic board.

The heating assembly.

I doubt I have any use for them but I will do some research.

The resistor.

Below is my favourite score from this teardown - a two-and-a-half metre cable with a 360 degree swivelling connector on one end.

A swivelling cable.

This is one of those things you just can't make yourself, and it is sure to enhance any project that benefits from an endlessly rotating power source. I think this item alone makes this teardown worthwhile.

The connections for the swivelling cable.

It has a ready-made housing assembly to hold it together.

The housing for the swivell assembly.
The housing for the swivelling cable.

The PCB from the other side of the straightener has another MPF capacitor and a piezo buzzer. These annoying buzzers are handy for audible warning systems on your projects.

This PCB also features screw-on connectors for all the wiring.

The PCB from the other arm of the straightener.
The second PCB.


I am calling this teardown worthwhile.

A collection of parts
The spoils!

We have gained a fantastic swivelling cable, a switch, a thermistor and a buzzer. The wiring with screw-terminal ends may also be useful.

Best of all, there is miniscule waste from the project, and it really only took a few minutes to dismantle.

The waste remaining after tearing down the straightener.
The waste from this teardown.

So that's it for another teardown.

The next teardown will be a CRT computer monitor (unless I find something more interesting before then). Stay tuned.



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