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Latest questions

J writes:

I followed your article on disassembly of my projection TV. Thank you for the info. I am located near South Bend Indiana. Do you have any connections to anyone who would like to have all of the wiring and components? Circuit boards, power supplies, wire, etc.

Otherwise it is all going to the recycling bin to our local recycling company. Thank you


Anth's reply:

I'm in Australia, but I'll add the question to the comments on the article in case someone near you is reading.


Abdur writes:

Hi Anth

I ve gone through your article of scrapping rptv. I want to know about the "red tube filled with liquid" in older tv boards, what is this tube and what is inside it? here in this link you can see the tube.

This tube is only found in vintage electronic boards such as TV, Radio and rptvs.

Best Regards,



Anth's reply:

Hi Abdur

I actually have no idea what the red tube is.

The board uses numbers without the usual identifiers like R, C, L, etc to identify parts.

I've Googled around liquid-filled inductors, capacitors, fuses, diodes and resistors and can't find any image to match the part.

I've added this question to the comments for the article, hopefully someone can tell us what it is