Also In The Cave

The PowerStation2 (Updated)

I needed a good benchtop power supply for testing components and gadgets. I like to recycle so I created one from some old components I salvaged from computers and stereos.

Behold the PowerStation2!

Click here to read about the build.

Rotating Sensor Mast

Picture: Anthony Hartup

Today's project in the cave is this 360 degree rotating sensor mast for our robot, AAIMIv2. I'll share the details of the build, as well as the code to run the mast.

Read on to see how to make a sensor mast for your robot.

Laptop Repair Tips

A working Toshiba laptop. Picture: Anthony Hartup.

One of my favourite old laptops had major issues today, and after a couple of hours tinkering I now know it has a dodgy motherboard. It is heading for a well-deserved retirement. So long, Killer, you have served me well.

To look on the bright side, I thought I would use this as an opportunity to share the processes I use to troubleshoot laptops and the thinking behind these steps.

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Arduino Gadgets: Distance Sensor

In this tutorial we'll connect a distance sensor to an Arduino and program it to react to proximity.

Read on to learn how to use distance sensors...

How to use stepper motors from old printers

I have been using stepper motors for a while now, and they are fantastic for all sorts of robotic projects.

Today I will share the things I have learnt so far about reusing old stepper motors salvaged from printers.

Read on to see how to identify, connect and run stepper motors.