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AaimiClip is a browser-independent, highly-searchable bookmark and site-indexing system. You can use it for day-to-day bookmarks, but you can also embed it as a search box on your website.

The two main components of AaimiClip, a browser-independent searchable bookmark manager and web-research tool. Picture: Anthony Hartup

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AaimiClip 0.3 features

21st September, 2017

You can think of AaimiClip as a search engine you populate yourself with your own keywords.

I originally built the program to keep track of webpages I found while researching tech issues. I often visit dozens of pages to find out about various topics, and it is always ten-minutes after I close a particular page that I realize there was important information I missed. It is then difficult to find that webpage again.

Researching with AaimiClip onside, I can quickly clip the URL from pages that are even remotely useful to my current research, and store them in a suitable subject folder with as many search keywords as I like. When I am finished researching that topic, if am sure I no longer need to re-visit any of the pages I've clipped I can just remove that subject folder. Alternatively, I can keep that topic forever as part of my permanent AaimiClip URL list.

I've since indexed the entire Anth's Computer Cave site (all 160 pages) and created a web-based version of the AaimiClip viewer to embed as a site-search box.

How does it work?

AaimiClip has three components, AaimiClipper, AaimiClipViewer and AaimiClip Web Viewer.

AaimiClipper collects the webpage URLs you wish to save and stores them in a user-specified subject folder alongside the keywords you add for each URL.

AaimiClipViewer allows you to search your URL folders using as many search-terms as you wish. It returns a list of URLs ranked by the number of search-terms matched. Clicking on the icon for a URL in the list will open that page in your default web browser.

Both of these programs run locally on a Windows PC.

AaimiClip Web Viewer is the site-search box you can embed in your website to help visitors find what they need.


To demonstrate how to use AaimiClip I'll add this article to the Anth's Computer Cave search-box.

First I open the webpage in any browser, right-click the URL in the address bar and click Copy.

Copying a URL for AaimiClip

I then click the AaimiClipper icon in my taskbar to open the clip window.

Here you can choose to enter a new subject folder or select an existing subject from the drop-down menu. I have two subject folders for this site, cave and archive. The archive section has all the tutorials for older versions of our programs, which are mainly there for historical purposes. All current articles and tutorials are in the cave subject folder, so that's where I'll put this one.

Choosing a folder and adding search terms with AaimiClipper

In the right-hand field I enter some keywords to help me sort the page from the others.

Click Add and AAIMI will append the details to the your local URL list.


To search your URLs on your computer, click the AaimiClipViewer icon in your taskbar to open the viewer window.

As before, I select cave as the subject folder from the drop-down menu. I'll try searching with one search term, clip.

Searching with AaimiClipViewer

You can see there are three results. One is a previous article about the cave's new search-box, and one is the actual search page for the cave. By coincidence the page I just added is on top. They all have one matching keyword.

If if there were more results and the article I searched for was not on top I could use extra keywords to find it. Because this article covers the AaimiClip features I'll try features.

Searching with AaimiClipViewer

This shows more results with links to articles covering features for other programs, but the one we want is on top, and distinct because it is the only one with two matching keywords.

If I click the circle beside the entry the webpage will open in my default browser.

Clicking the purple square will allow me to change, add or remove keywords for that entry.

AaimiClip Web Viewer

AaimiClip Web Viewer is the web component to embed the search system and URL list in a website as a searchbox. By syncing your local URL list with the list on your web server the searchbox will display exactly the same results as AaimiClipViewer on your PC.

An AaimiClip search-box embedded in a webpage.

Server setupetup is easy, just move the web folder to your server and paste a few lines of code into the HTML for your site's pages.

You can manually sync the URL file to your server, or set AaimiClipper to automatically send the file via FTP any time you modify it.

In the next article I'll show you how to download and configure the AaimiClip system.




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