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AAIMI Home Automation archive page version 0.83

This article covers an older version of AAIMI Home Automation. It is here purely for historical purposes.

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AAIMI Features version 0.83

The AAIMI Home keypad interface. Picture: Anthony Hartup

This AAIMI Home Automation 0.83 release has been a few-months in the making, and there are dozens of new features and capabilities. Here are some of the main changes.

New keypad interface

As the main AAIMI GUI becomes larger and more powerful with each release, I've noticed a need for a second, more-basic GUI for keypad-like tasks.

The AAIMI Home keypad interface. Picture: Anthony Hartup

There is now a brand-new light-weight keypad interface for phones and tablets that focuses on arming and disarming the alarm system and switching lights.

It can run as its-own public user, making it perfect for dedicated shared AAIMI controllers. It also has a user page so people can tell AAIMI they are home if their phone battery is flat. I run this on a dedicated tablet on my kitchen bench and use it to save getting my phone from my pocket.

The AAIMI Home keypad security interface. Picture: Anthony Hartup

The "keypad" user can switch lights and appliances, but can't change admin settings. To manage the alarm or change user-occupation status, the GUI will prompt for a legitimate AAIMI user's pin before executing the command.

AAIMI has sound

AAIMI now has system sounds and the ability to manage speakers. It uses a relay to switch speakers on then plays .wav files to sound alerts and notifications.

At the moment it uses sound for security actions like arming and disarming and intruder alerts. I want to use sound for many other thing in the next version.

You may want to add your own WAV files, the included sounds are terrible. They will scare burglars away, though. I'll provide instructions for adding your own sounds in the Setup tutorial.

Home Security

As well as adding audible alarm functionality we've also fine-tuned AAIMI's home-security functions.

The AAIMI Home Automation security settings. Picture: Anthony Hartup

You can now easily adjust entry and exit times from the main GUI, as well as setting timeouts for sirens and alarms. We've also joined the camera and security features more-closely together. AAIMI now begins taking photos the moment anyone enters, not just when the alarm is triggered, and to streamline the operation the same function that takes the photos also manages the alarm sounds.

The code now has two indicator LEDs enabled to tell you whether the alarm is armed or disarmed.

You can view logs of all security events from within the AAIMI GUI.

Program Security

We've focused on two aspects here, device-access and password management.


The Device column now displays a complete list of every phone, tablet or PC that accesses the AAIMI system.

The list of devices to connect to the AAIMI system. Picture: Anthony Hartup

Click on the device in the list and you can see the last-login time for both local and remote access, as well as the IP addresses used.

To keep the list up-to-date, devices now check-in with AAIMI every 60 seconds while either of the AAIMI GUIs are open.

AAIMI now also uses browser cookies to identify devices at login.

Password management

AAIMI now has a new encrytion system to store standard user credentials for preservation across system restarts.

It uses a two-way AES system that requires two 16-character encryption keys. It only stores entries for standard users: the admin user's (yours) details, which are entered on startup, are not stored within the program.

We've added a pin number for each user to enter on public devices and keypads.

Users can now easily change their passwords and pins in the user column.


AAIMI's new focus on access devices has improved property-wide occupancy awareness. It now takes into account all devices, not just WAN devices like phones. The new device check-in timing means AAIMI knows sooner when you arrive or leave.

The next version will ship with GPS location functions to automate things further.

System details

We've added more live details to the system panel. You can now see the security status at a glance.

The main AAIMI Home control-center system details panel. Picture: Anthony Hartup

We've also added some save-file details. You can see the number of days' home-data you have, and the earliest day in the data.




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