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New features in AAIMI Home Automation 0.8

20th Oct, 2016

This article covers an older version of AAIMI. Click here to see the current article.

Version 0.8 of the AAIMI Home Automation system is available for download now.

We've focused on security in this version, both home-security and program-security.

The main AAIMI Home control-center. Picture: Anthony Hartup
The AAIMI control-center.

Home Security

AAIMI can now function as a full-blown home-security system.

There are two security-modes so far, Full and Smart.

In Smart-mode AAIMI uses its home-occupancy awareness system to intelligently toggle security on and off based on who is home.

In Full mode AAIMI works like a traditional security system where you manually arm and disarm the system.

You can choose several actions to respond to intruder events. By default AAIMI sends an email to a list of people if it detects intruders and sends an alert to any logged in devices. It also begins capturing security images from all cameras in the house. It can also activate relays to switch on alarms.

You can view logs of all security events from within the AAIMI GUI.

Program Security

You can now monitor access-attempts and command history from within the main GUI.

The main AAIMI Home control-center. Picture: Anthony Hartup
The AAIMI control-center showing command-history.

In the command logs you can see every command entered into AAIMI, with user and time details. This allows you to see if scheduled tasks have run, and to catch out cheeky housemates trying to prank you.

In the access logs you can see incorrect login attempts from users, and the various automated access-attempts from robots that web-facing servers encounter.

The main AAIMI Home control-center. Picture: Anthony Hartup
The AAIMI control-center showing access logs.

Any system connected to the Internet will receive regular access attempts from good, suspicious, and downright-nasty bots. This is not as scary as it sounds, it's just how the web works. There are millions of automated bots scanning every device on the web as you read this. Many of them are the bots we need to make life easier, like the GoogleBots that help drive Google's search engine. The bad bots, however, are out to take over your system.

AAIMI has the server locked down, so they can't access the system without a valid AAIMI username and password. This means it's not really an issue, but it's good to be able to see who is knocking. You can view the IP address for each attempt and the usernames the bots tried

The main AAIMI Home control-center showing access logs by IP. Picture: Anthony Hartup
The AAIMI control-center showing access logs by IP.

You can drill-down further and see individual details for each IP address, including the quantity, time and total duration of the attempts.

This system uses the new soon-to-be released AAIMI module, AaimiServerDog. At the moment AaimiServerDog is limited to monitoring server access, but in coming weeks it will also intelligently block concerted attempts on the fly.

Room layout awareness

We've added a new closed-room function to improve occupancy-awareness in some room-layouts.

If there is only one entry into a room you can activate the closed-room feature, nominating the room you enter and leave through as the partner-room. This allows AAIMI to know you are still in the closed room if the last movement time is earlier in the entry room.

The main AAIMI Home control-center. Picture: Anthony Hartup
The AAIMI closed-room awareness system.

I have this enabled in the Lounge, which has the doors at the north end blocked off, meaning the only way I enter or exit is through the dining and kitchen. Therefore, if I am sitting motionless on the couch watching TV, AAIMI guesses I am still in the lounge because I have not moved through the kitchen since the last move was detected in the lounge.

I'm working now on adding secondary partner-rooms (the dining room in the above example) to detect a second person entering the partner room (kitchen) from the outside and exclude that movement from my movements in the lounge.

System details

We've added more live details to the system panel. You can now see the security status at a glance.

The main AAIMI Home control-center system details panel. Picture: Anthony Hartup

We've also added some save-file details. You can see the number of days' home-data you have, and the earliest day in the data.




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