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New features in AAIMI Home Automation 0.65

26th May, 2016

This article covers an older version of AAIMI. Click here to see the current article series.

Version 0.65 of the AAIMI Home Automation is available for download now.

As well as security camera support, the program is faster, and easier to configure. There are also more control-options in the web-GUI.

The main AAIMI Home control-center with live camera footage. Picture: Anthony Hartup
The AAIMI control-center displaying web camera footage.

More control

The control-center has grown a new row of buttons. There is a Camera tab, a Users tab and a Devices tab.

The control options for the main AAIMI Home control-center. Picture: Anthony Hartup

The camera tab opens the security camera panel to view and control your cameras.

The Users tab opens the user column where you can easily add your housemates to the AAIMI system. The device tab opens the device panel where you can configure remote-access for your phones and tablets.

In previous versions users and devices were added via email. We're moving away from email-based control as part of our overall goal to avoid using third-party tools that collect your personal data. The email system is still in place, but it is there only as a fall-back option for access if, for any reason, a user can't log on while they're away.


Lights and appliances now switch instantly.

All incoming requests to AAIMI now use sockets. Before the system continually polled for input, which wasted resources and resulted in a noticable lag switching lights and appliances. Using sockets has completely eliminated this delay.

I've also moved more of the heavier functions to their own threads. Any tasks that take more than a tenth-of-a-second now run in the background. This results in a more consistent loop cycle, meaning movement sensors see you earlier.


AAIMI now works with network security cameras. Setup is easy for the default settings, and you can view multiple cameras at once from anywhere in the world.

The main AAIMI Home control-center with live camera footage on a mobile phone. Picture: Anthony Hartup
The AAIMI Home control-center with live camera footage on a mobile phone.

Article series

As usual, we are featuring a series of articles on configuring and using the AAIMI system.

In the next article we'll cover the various hardware we are using. After that we'll download AAIMI and put it to work.




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Leave a comment on this article