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Anth's Computer Cave Privacy Policy

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to assess overall site statistics.

Statistics such as the percentage of mobile visitors versus PC visitors, and which countries our visitors are from help us to improve the website design and tell us where to locate our servers.

Google Analytics uses cookies. You can read more on Google's privacy terms here.

Cave Analytics

We are currently rolling out our own analytics system across the site. This will perform several functions.

It will allow us to customize the article links shown in the sidebar on each page so visitors avoid seeing the same articles over again.

It will also allow visitors to save preferences for some of the new web applications we are bringing online.

This will use a single cookie, confined to and not visible to other websites.


We use an independent, in-house comment system on Anth's Computer Cave.

Comments are open, with no login required, and no third-parties involved. We ask users to provide an email address as part of the comment process in case we need to clarify or reply to posts.

We will never publish or share your email address.