Anth's Computer Cave Projects

New home-automation base-station

A home-automation base-station. Picture: Anthony Hartup.

This week we built a new, larger base-station for AAIMI Home Automation.

This one has more room, more power and it is built almost entirely from salvaged parts.

Click here to read about the build.

Build a temperature sensor for Arduino

This is a simple circuit to monitor temperature levels for home-automation systems.

They cost about 30 cents each so you can really go overboard with your temperature monitoring.

Learn how to build a temperature sensor...

Build a 5 amp, compact, variable-power supply

This week we build a powerful and portable power station. Half of the components are salvaged from old electrical appliances, and the entire unit cost just $7.50.

Click to see how to build your own 5 amp power station.