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Send To Hell

I was reading my daily dose of the How To Geek this morning and saw an article on How to Add OneDrive to the Send To Context Menu in Windows 7 or 8.1.

While I had no intention of adding OneDrive to my Send To context menu I read the article anyway, because I tend to read every article these guys write. The How To Geek is, in my opinion, one of the finest sites on the web and their newsletter is the first thing I read every day.

Anyway, the article focused on OneDrive, but the method they use can also add other things to your Send To context menu. It got me thinking. I have no need to right click and send things to Desktop, compressed folders, DVD drive, etc.

What if I could right-click and send things to hell!

Now, as usual, I sort of took this and ran with it, and I probably ran too far.

Behold the options I now have when I want to send something somewhere. I am blessed with choice.

I think I will use this setup as a slightly bizarre collection of recycling bins (okay, a little more than slightly bizarre). I see no reason why I should use the boring old Windows recycling bin when I can have eleven crazy recycling bins just a right-click away.

It was then I realized that with just ten minutes of madness I had completely replaced a core Windows component, the Recycling Bin, with something a lot more powerful.

For instance, to delete something the normal way I need to right-click the item, click delete, then click confirm. That is three clicks

Now look at my new system in action. Holding the shift key down, with one right-click and one left click I can send this Adobe Reader shortcut to Mars. Straight to Mars, and it cannot return unless I want it to.

Why did I send it to Mars?

Well, I am no fan of Adobe Reader, but it is not quite bad enough for the Hell folder. I considered the Bottom of the Ocean folder but I did not want to pollute the sea floor. I knew no doctor could fix Adobe Reader so that ruled out the Doctor folder. Santa would just give it to someone else at Christmas time and I had no wish to inflict Adobe on some poor kid on that special day, so the Santa folder was out.

The NSA already has everything so they would obviously reject it. The Cleaners and Panelbeaters folders are not qualified to deal with Adobe, and I did not trust sending it to the Shop To Buy Beer folder. The Total Stranger folder did not want Adobe and the Siberia folder already has enough problems.

So Mars it is.

What other advantages do my new Recycling Bins have over the woefully inadequate Windows equivelent?

For one thing, my eleven recycling bins live in my dropbox folder, which means I can use them across all my computers. Also, having eleven recycling bins means I can toss different kinds of rubbish in each bin, making it easier to find deleted files.

I am now looking at other core Windows components I can replace with my own.

First, I am sending the Windows Recycling Bin to Hell!

Stay tuned for my next moment of madness.





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Leave a comment on this article