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March 2018

We started the official AAIMI Home Automation tutorials way back in 2014, and since then we've covered 14 versions of the program. Each of these version releases had their own complete series of tutorials, which added up to a lot of web pages.

We want to keep a historical record of the general features in each version but we've decided to ditch the obsolete setup and usage information for all but the current version. You'll only find one article from each older series, which details the new features in that version.

This has removed around 60 pages from the Cave, and hundreds of obsolete images.

One of the reasons I've been meaning to do this is to stop search engines pointing people to ancient articles, although it may take time for Google and other search engines to crawl the site again and find the changes.

I've updated our internal links and search lists to suit the new layout, but have not had time to thoroughly test every thing. I'll do that next with our website tool, AAIMI Site Mod, to clean up anything we've missed.

Below are the links to our archived AAIMI features articles.





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Leave a comment on this article